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Custom Stair Runners

Love Your
Stairs for Life

Stair runners may be one of the most underestimated parts of home design. 


Adding a stair runner is an easy way to make a home look and feel more polished.

Installing a stair runner with a color and pattern that reinforces your current aesthetic ties everything together, and adds depth, by leading the eye upwards.

Like a great suit, the perfection of a stair runner is in the details.

First and foremost, is the quality of the carpet sufficient for your needs?

If you have young children and pets, stay away from loosely knit fibers and pick cut pile or tight loop options.

If your stairs have immediate access to the outdoors, don't pick a light color.

Also, if you have twists and turns in your staircase, it's best to avoid bold, linear patterns. (No big stripes going in several different directions.)

Next, do you want the more formal Hollywood installation or the more casual Waterfall installation?

Or perhaps, you would like a combination—Waterfall everywhere, except at the base the stairs and landings.

Check out our great blog posts about stair runner styles and our stair runner gallery".)

Like a good tailor, it’s important to give your runner a custom fit and there are many important decisions to ensure you get the best fit for you.

Custom binding is a key ingredient of any showcase stair-runner.

A contrasting fabric or pattern can increase the style-factor dramatically. Or create a subtler look with serging or binding in a complementary color.

Our designers will help you pick a trim that’s just right for you and your home.

We suggest buying the best quality carpet you can afford when installing a stair runner. The cost of materials—the carpet itself—is relatively low because you’re not purchasing that much material.

The fun thing about stair runners is that almost any carpet can be cut and bound to be a stair runner. The options are endless.

Why would anyone settle for a pre-made runner, when you can customize one that fits your space perfectly?

At Kashian Bros, we work with you to create a custom piece that fits your stairs, your decor, and your lifestyle.

And we take care of the whole job for you, from start to finish. Stop by or call today to talk about your new stair runner.

We only work with the most reputable carpet mills. Learn more about some of our favorite partners here.

Ready for some inspiration? Check out our Custom Stair Runner gallery and blog posts here.

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