The Secret to a Fabulous Stair Runner: Part 5

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Our fifth secret is to Use a Designer.

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A designer will help you create a stylish runner that reinforces the aesthetics of your entire home.

She’ll help you choose a pattern, color, or texture that adds cohesion to your current decor, then she'll make it shine with custom binding and installation suggestions.

Top tips from our designers include:

Replace your stair runner when you need a style refresh.

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A new runner, with complementary pillows, throw rugs, and other light decor is an easy way to breathe new life into a tired space.

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Be bold in color, pattern, or texture.

Some designers say that a plain runner without texture, color, or pattern is a wasted opportunity to polish the style of your home.

Hollywood installation always looks sleek and polished, like a fine-tailored suit.

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Use it at the top and bottom of the stairs, even if you choose waterfall installation for the artery of the stairs.

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Doug Stein owner
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