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rugs for life.

A well designed room starts with the perfect rug. With our curated selection of gorgeous rugs, and custom options galore, our team of designers will help you choose a custom rug that ties your room together — plus you’ll love it for life.

Elevate your space and layer on some style with a custom rug.

By expertly combining different carpet styles, colors, textures and patterns, with a vast array of finishing options, our in-house design team and craftsmen can help you create a custom rug you’ll love for life. Looking to create a rug that matches your style? We can add a custom binding or cut a rug to fit your space perfectly.

A hands-on approach and a commitment to craftsmanship.

From wool rugs made by skilled artisans using old-world techniques, to gorgeous rugs custom-cut to fit your home perfectly, we’re focused on delivering top-quality rugs you’ll love for life. Always.

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