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Maintain and love your carpet for life. Our expert carpet cleaning services will make your wall-to-wall carpet look and feel like new. Kashian Bros is the only local company that does its own cleaning. And we’re so transparent with our pricing that you can calculate the cost below. No hidden charges!


Deep clean your carpet with our professional steam cleaning.

Did you know that steam cleaning is one of the best methods to deep clean your carpet? Our professional steam cleaning not only reduces toxins and harmful allergens, it improves the overall appearance and lifespan of your carpet too. Our expert steam cleaning will help you love your carpet and home for life.

We’re the local carpet cleaning experts.

Our professional technicians clean your carpet like it’s their own, taking extra time to thoroughly clean your carpet and remove stubborn stains at no extra charge. Our friendly team and reliable team will make sure you love your flooring and home for life. Always. Do you want your carpet to look like new? The Kashian Bros team can get you there.

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Professional Equipment
We use the latest, top-of-the-line steam cleaning equipment.
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Our technicians are trained company employees focused on your satisfaction.

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Customer Satisfaction

Our seven-step process begins and ends with making sure your carpet looks like new.

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We only charge for the actual size of the room, compared to many national companies that up-charge based on average room sizes.

We help you maintain your  carpet and rugs in many ways. Check out our full list of services here.

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Check out what our customers have to say:

I've been a customer probably for at least 15 years. I can't say enough good things about the experience that we’ve had and we're so happy that our carpet and upholstery is finally clean. They did a fantastic job.

Lydia L., Chicagoland

I just wanted to let you know how very pleased I am [with the carpet and upholstery cleaning in my family room]. They worked solidly, carefully and thoroughly, and I'm just tremendously pleased and will be calling back to have more work done.

Ellen S., Lake Forest

Tom and I are delighted with the carpet. The installers were fantastic;  excellent quality work, efficient and easy to work with. 

Mike T., Wilmette

The carpet installers did a great job. They arrived on time, were polite, helpful, tidy, and fast careful workers  - I was very impressed.  Carpet looks wonderful.

Tricia F., Chicagoland

[Kashian Bros] was just there for me every step of the way, getting all the details worked out. Your experienced [team] came in and did the measuring, and then the [carpet] installers came in and they also did just a fabulous job.

Paul V., Lake Forest