Everything You Need to Know About Stair Runners

Maybe you’ve been living with a dingy staircase carpet runner for years, or maybe you’ve slipped on your wood staircase one too many times. Maybe you’re just ready to change things up with new carpet for your stairs.

Regardless, it’s time for a new runner and you’ve probably always felt uncertain how to choose the perfect stair runner. 

Our goal is to dispel any uncertainty and shed some light on our process for choosing the perfect stair runner from inspiration to installation.  We want you to love your stair runner for life.

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To begin, why install a carpet runner?

Stair runners reduce noise, protect your wood stairs and act as a safety measure. Bare wood stairs can be slippery and create an echo chamber! A carpeted staircase will absorb noise and provide grip on each tread. It will even keep your dog from slipping on the stairs. 

Carpeting also protects your wood and painted risers from scratches and scuffs. 

But most importantly, stair runners are gorgeous and are the perfect opportunity to make a design statement. At Kashian Bros we’re passionate about beautiful design. That’s why we offer complimentary design services to help our customers choose a gorgeous carpet runner that matches their style. 

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What's the best carpet for stair runners?

The most common carpet for stair runners is wool. That is because wool is not only a natural material, it is also a naturally durable material. You can expect your wool stair runner to last many years. And did we mention it also feels good on your feet?

At Kashian Bros, we appreciate how important quality is when choosing carpet. That’s why we only partner with the best mills to source our curated collection of carpets. 

Wool carpet comes in an array of gorgeous patterns, like this diamond pattern from Stanton Carpet.

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If you are not ready to commit to wool carpet, a popular alternative is a wool blend carpet. Typically, wool blend carpet has nylon or polyester that adds strength and durability.  

But another popular option is indoor/outdoor carpet, a synthetic rug that is made to withstand the outdoor weather, never mind a busy staircase. Now that’s durability! 

Regardless of what type of carpet you choose, at Kashian Bros you’ll always get the same high quality installation. 

But do you give up style for affordability?

Absolutely not. Take a look at this stunning stair runner made from indoor/outdoor carpet.

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Natural fiber carpet, such as sisal or jute, is a popular alternative to wool too. Sisal is less expensive than wool and offers a natural look. People love the effortless style of a natural fiber staircase.

While some people do not like the feel of sisal (it can be scratchy), when installed professionally with a high quality felt pad,  our customers find that natural fiber carpet is incredibly durable and an excellent choice. 

Check out this sisal stair runner that’s casual, yet elegant too.

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What about design?

There are so many ways to custom design stair runner that will turn heads. A staircase is the perfect opportunity to add personality or make a statement.

You can express your personal style with distinctive patterns such as striped, diamond or herringbone. Or go bold with color contrasts, such as black and white. Many of our customers are afraid of making a “design mistake.” If you feel unsure whether your style is contemporary, traditional or modern, guidance from a designer (we offer complimentary design services) is always a good idea.  

A custom binding finishes the edge of a stair runner and can take a runner from ordinary to extraordinary. Choose from an  array of colors, materials and sizes to create a custom look.

This diamond pattern takes a staircase from drab to fab and was finished with a custom blue binding along the border.

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We help our customers choose neutral carpets that still  look amazing with expert installation and an interesting pattern.

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Installation choices make all the difference.

Expert measurements and installation ensures your stair runner will endure for life. A skilled installer will make sure that patterns always look their best and install a top quality pad. For example, at Kashian Bros we always visit our customers’ homes to measure and use superior quality felt pads.  

There are two ways to install a carpet stair runner: the Hollywood or Waterfall method. We recommend that you choose the method that aligns with your aesthetic.

The Waterfall method brings the carpet straight over the edge of the tread to create a clean look ideal for patterns, such as this geometric brown and tan stair carpet runner. 

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Waterfall staircase

The Hollywood method involves wrapping the carpet around the edge of the tread. The carpet is stapled under the nose of the stair creating a tailored look that makes a design statement.

See how sharp the Hollywood method looks below with this diamond pattern? Notice the expert installation job — the pattern neatly lines up.

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Hollywood staircase

Ultimately, the perfect stair runner comes down to what is perfect for you. But always be sure to go with the best quality carpet you can afford and rely on experts for installation. 

We hope this brief primer not only alleviated any confusion over stair runners, but now you are excited to transform your house with a new custom stair runner so you’ll love your stairs and home for life. 

Love Your Floors and Home for life.

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