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We’re here to help you design a home you love for life. Each post highlights inspiring yet practical design ideas — say how to choose a statement stair runner or the perfect kitchen cabinets — while other posts give specific advice about wood flooring material or just a little inspiration. 

A Bathroom Remodel in Winnetka, IL by Kashian Bros

Our client wanted a style and function makeover for this dark, dated Bathroom Remodel in Winnetka. Despite its small size and galley-style footprint, our designer was able to transform the space into a modern, functional bathroom with personality and style. Part of the fun of this bathroom remodel is that technology is integrated throughout most of the space, including the floors, the smart vanity mirrors, the curbless shower, and even the towel rack.

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A Kitchen Remodel in Lake Bluff, IL by Kashian Bros

This homeowner had lived in her home for many years but felt the kitchen was cramped and challenging to navigate when cooking. Instead of moving, she wanted to see if she could stay in her current home, but make the kitchen more attuned to her life and style. Fortunately, we were able to help her recreate her space with better functionality, flow, and style, so she is happily living in her home and cooking in her kitchen.

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