A Kitchen Renovation in Kenilworth, IL by Kashian Bros

This client lives in a beautiful North Shore home with a kitchen that was dark and dated. When they were ready to downsize and sell their home, they asked us to make the kitchen move-in ready to optimize their selling price.

Inspired by nearby Lake Michigan, we painted the cabinets a deep blue color, installed a dreamy white quartz countertop and backsplash, refinished the floors, added stylish satin brass hardware, upgraded the lighting, and made some other small upgrades.

The result is a bright, stylish kitchen that is move-in ready for the next family in this stunning Kitchen Renovation in Kenilworth, IL!

A Kitchen Renovation in Kenilworth IL before Kashian Bros
A Kitchen Renovation in Kenilworth IL after Kashian Bros
One of the best part of this project, from the client’s perspective, is that we managed the entire project, from the design, to the installation, to the finishing touches, like lighting and paint selection. Our client worked with one Kashian Bros designer and project manager throughout the process, which made it easy and stress-free for her to begin her downsizing process.
“It made the process easy for me,” she told us.

There are so many decisions to make when renovating or remodeling a kitchen! Working with us minimized the number of decisions our client needed to make. For instance, after being inspired by Lake Michigan, our designer shared several mood boards with the client, each with a different blue color, coordinating quartz countertops, and stylish cabinet hardware. You can see elements from the final mood board below.



Mood Board Elements for New Kitchen Style

Mood Board Elements for New Kitchen Style Designed by Kashian Bros

After finding a combination of colors, countertop, floor stain, and hardware that was appealing to our client and future Kenilworth residents, our designer gave large samples to the client so she could see how they looked in her home. Once she gave everything the thumbs up, our next step was to put paint samples on the cabinets and floor stain on the floor. We actually sand a portion of the floor, then apply the stain over a large area to see what the stain looks like in your home, in your light, with your furnishings, to make sure it is exactly right before it is finalized! While we didn’t capture that stage, the photo below offers an example of the process.

Design Elements for New Kitchen Style Designed by Kashian Bros

The next step of any kitchen remodeling project is the kitchen contractor part of the job, including ordering the materials and scheduling their delivery and installation. At Kashian Bros, we serve as your kitchen contractor, handling all scheduling and installation duties and tasks. In this case, our client is a busy professional working from home, so we meticulously coordinated deliveries and installations to align with her schedule. Additionally, we streamlined certain project components to ensure that the kitchen remained mostly functional throughout the kitchen renovation process. Above all, she could relax knowing that the coordination of countertops, plumbing, electrical work, and other elements of the renovation was in good hands.

Relaxing Kitchen Design by Kashian Bros

Something else our Kenilworth client appreciated was the attention to detail that is the unique result of Kashian Bros’ teamwork. Notice how the veining on the countertop aligns with the veining on the backsplash? That detail is the result of good teamwork and communication among our designer, project manager, and countertop installer. At Kashian Bros, we pay attention to details like this at every stage of the process.

Kitchen Design by Kashian Bros

So often a kitchen or bath remodel feels invasive, like an intrusion into the family’s personal space. That’s why we were delighted when this client said, “I feel like I have new friends! Thank you for the professionalism and friendliness.” What better tribute is there at the end of home renovation process?!

Kitchen Renovation by Kashian Bros
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