A Bathroom Remodel in Winnetka, IL by Kashian Bros

Our client wanted a style and function makeover for this dark, dated Bathroom Remodel in Winnetka. Despite its small size and galley-style footprint, our designer was able to transform the space into a modern, functional bathroom with personality and style. Part of the fun of this bathroom remodel is that technology is integrated throughout most of the space, including the floors, the smart vanity mirrors, the curbless shower, and even the towel rack.

The result is a bright, spa-like bathroom retreat that’s a tech-lover’s dream.

Before After Bathroom Renovation by Kashian Bros

In addition to using lighter, brighter colors, our designer made this bathroom feel more spacious by adding a sculpturally elegant, freestanding bathtub. This draws the eye towards the far wall, which now has a recessed shelf for additional eye appeal, as well as function. Like the perfect piece of art, the tub elevates the entire bathroom, giving it a luxurious feel.

Before After Bathroom Remodel by Kashian Bros 1

One of the other ways our designer made this small bathroom feel more spacious was by incorporating a glass wall along two sides of the shower. Now the eye is drawn towards the gorgeous sea glass tile walls in the shower area, producing a window-like effect. In addition, the transparency of the glass allows light to flow freely throughout the room, creating a brighter, airier ambiance.

Smart Bathroom by Kashian Bros 1

Our client was very interested in using technology to modernize her new bathroom. We looked into many different features and added ones that would create a deluxe experience for her. After adding heated floors and a built-in towel warmer, we added smart mirrors equipped with motion sensors for defogging and light activation. Next up we installed a thermostatic shower system that provides precise water temperature control and voice-activated control. Finally, we made sure the soaker tub had smart functionalities, like programmable temperature settings and overflow prevention. All in all, this is one smart bathroom!

Smart Bathroom by Kashian Bros
Smart Bathroom 2 by Kashian Bros 2
Smart Bathroom 3 by Kashian Bros

At Kashian Bros, our real satisfaction is knowing that we help our clients make their home more livable and more lovable, and knowing that we make the process easier, more efficient, and less stressful. That’s why we were delighted when this client told us:

“We love our new bathroom! We had a clear mindset of what we wanted to spend and the Kashian Bros team worked with us to achieve the look and technology we were looking for within that budget. The installers were always so neat and on time. Thank you!”

For a local business like ours, such feedback is truly thrilling!

Smart Bathroom Renovation by Kashian Bros
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