Dust-Free Refinishing FAQs

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Our Atomic Dust Containment system is 95% dust free. We often hear from customers that they are amazed at how beautiful their floors turned out and that it really is dust free!

We utilize a powerful vacuum which is connected to the equipment through hoses to capture and remove the dust before it gets airborne. Using either our dust free trailer or our new portable equipment you get the same great dust free results.

The majority of our customers remain in home during the entire process. Because of the dust free system, there is no choking dust and our water-based polyurethane finish has no toxic fumes.

There will be a slight odor when the floor is first stained. As the stain dries, the odor will dissipate quickly. The water-based polyurethane finish is non-toxic with minimal or no odor.

You can walk on the floors while the floor is being sanded. Once we begin staining you will need to stay off the floors until the stain is dry, at which point you can walk on the floor in your socks. During the finishing process, again, once the polyurethane finish is dry, you will be able to walk on the floor.After the final coat is dry, the floor is 97% cured. At that point, we move the furniture back and you are free to begin enjoying your new floors. However, it is recommended to wait 2 weeks until the floor is fully cured to put your area rugs back.
We ask the customer to move all of the small items and valuables that one person can carry like books, laundry, toys and to clean out all closets. Our installers will move the rest.
We will move furniture to other rooms or we may utilize the garage. If there is just not enough room, we will start in area and complete the job and then move to the next area. There may be an additional charge if this becomes necessary.
We will move appliances when needed (see our terms and conditions). If the appliances are built in, we will sand up to them. For electronics, if they are fairly simple, we will move them. If they are more sophisticated electronics with items like surround sound, you may need to get a professional to disconnect and reconnect them.
Sanding the floors will not eliminate existing gaps between wood planks. Gaps are caused by expansion and contraction of the wood due to changes in moisture. After the initial sanding, we fill all gaps with floor putty which will minimize their appearance. It is possible, over time, as the floor expands and contracts that the filler putty may come loose.
Squeaks in wood floors can be caused by several issues. Floor joists may have settled, plywood subfloors may rub against a nail or the tongue and groove of the wood planks could all cause squeaking. Our crews will evaluate what if anything can be done to reduce the noise. One simple trick may be to use talcum powder over the squeaky board which could reduce the friction.
Prior to starting the job, we have stain samples to help guide your decision. However,because of age and the amber of your specific floor, we recommend putting stain down directly on your floors. First, we sand an area and then will mix and match stain right on your floor. It is important for the homeowner to be present at the time of the stain selection. Timing for stain selection will be discussed during the scheduling process.
The finish is one of the most critical parts of the process. The finish is what protects your floor from wear and damage. That is why we use the most expensive, commercial grade finish available on the market today – Basic Coatings Streetshoe ™. If properly maintained, your new floors should last a lifetime.
We utilize specialized sanding equipment that allows us to sand right up to the edge of the floors. In most cases, we do not remove the quarter round or base shoe. It should be noted, that while we use every precaution, you will need to have a painter do some touch up upon completion.
We use a variety of transition pieces including thresholds, t molds, reducers etc…When necessary, we will make custom transition pieces. If the room abuts carpeting, and the height is similar, we recommend “turning and tacking” the carpet for the smoothest transition. This is generally completed by Kashian Bros carpet installers.
We need to remove the existing carpet runner to sand, stain and finish the staircase. Upon completion of the project, it may be possible to reinstall the same carpet. This will be decided at the time of the estimate.
Each staircase is made up of stair treads (the part that you walk on), stair risers (the vertical part of the stair), stringers (the side of the stair case) and hand rails with spindles. We finish each part of the staircase except for spindles. This is generally done by a painter. Please note on your estimate specifically which part(s)of the staircase are to be completed. If not listed separately, it is not included in the pricing.
We love pets and want to make sure they are taken care of during this process. We recommend that pets be contained during the project. Our crews will be bringing equipment and supplies in and out of the house and we don’t want your pet to get out.During the staining and finishing, pets cannot be allowed to walk on the floor – their paws may leave dirt or moisture on the floor that will affect the stain and finish on the floor.You do not need to worry about the fumes. Your pets are perfectly safe in home during the process.
Each project is unique. We will provide you with an estimated timeline, but this may vary due to conditions like dry times between coats of finish etc… We will never rush a project or cut corners to finish a job early. We try to provide realistic estimates, but cannot be responsible if the project runs past the estimated timeline.
There are a number of options for covering the floors. The least expensive is to cover the floor with Kraft paper which offers minimum protection. We do not recommend using red rosin paper as this can interact with the floor finish. For more durable protection we recommend using Masonite.Note: unless specified, covering of the floor once the work is completed is NOT included in our proposal. This would be a separate billable item shown on the estimate.
We always provide written estimates to eliminate any surprises. The only exception is “unforeseen circumstances” which results from the wood floor being covered. If we do uncover any additional repairs that are needed, we immediately bring this to the owners attention detailing the necessary repairs and associated charges.

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