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Get Ready to Love Your Carpet for Life

Choosing a new carpet for your home is more than just choosing a color or style you like, it also involves considering your lifestyle and what you might need from a carpet.

At Kashian Bros, our team of certified designers and knowledgeable sales professionals will guide you every step of the way. Our showrooms in Lake Forest and Wilmette are home to an amazing curated selection of carpet where you can bring your vision to life.

While it’s exciting to start thinking about color and design choices right away, it’s also important to think about other key factors such as pets, traffic and durability.

Carpet. What room are you carpeting and how do you use it? If you are carpeting a bedroom, you might want to consider a carpet that is plush underfoot, versus carpeting a family room where durability and ease of maintenance may be top of your list.

Keep in mind all carpet shows footprints and shading, and it’s not uncommon for there to be subtle variances in color from floor samples and your actual carpet. Be sure to discuss these issues with our sales professionals, so you choose the best carpet for your lifestyle.

Underpad. While you can’t see a carpet pad, choosing what goes under your carpet is just as important as choosing the right carpet. Carpet pads protect a carpet from excessive wear, and also can make a room quieter and even warmer.
Hall runners require special considerations. Long hall runners will move over time, even when installed over a non-skid pad. If this is a concern, consider having our installers tack the carpet in place.

At Kashian Bros, our team of carpet installers are experts. Our experienced installers focus on the details — laying down a high-quality underpad and ensuring a perfect fit so you’ll love your carpet for life.

Seams. Depending on the size or shape of a room, seams may be required. That’s because carpet rolls come in standard sizes, so if your room is larger than the standard roll size, then seams will be necessary. While some types of carpet hide seams better than others, it’s important to understand that seams will never be completely invisible.

Baseboards. While we do our best to protect your home, the nature of installing carpet means that a painter may need to touch up your baseboards after installation.

Sometimes a new baseboard is required because of a gap between the existing baseboard and your new flooring, or the new carpet is a different thickness than your existing floor.

Floor Height. If the height of the carpet is higher than your existing floor, you may also need to have your doors cut down. Alternatively, you may need to have doorways ramped or a new threshold installed, if the transition from your adjacent floor and carpet is not level.

Preparation. We’re happy to disconnect and reconnect basic electronic equipment; however, we recommend that sophisticated electronics be handled by an electrician. We’ll also move large pieces of furniture. Any additional items such as clothes, toys or other personal items should be cleared prior to installation.

Custom stair runners are the perfect opportunity to share your personal style. While there are many decisions that go into designing a custom stair runner, a few key decisions are important to keep in mind.

Installation. One important decision is choosing between the Hollywood or Waterfall installation methods. The Waterfall method brings the carpet straight over the edge of the tread to create a clean look. The Hollywood method involves wrapping the carpet around the edge of the tread creating a tailored style.

Design. It is important to discuss all of your design choices in-depth with our complimentary design team. The direction of a carpet, stair runner width, underpad and edging are critical decisions. Edging options include: binding, serging tape, or wide binding. When choosing a binding color, you can choose one that blends into the background, or go bolder.

Whether it’s renovating a kitchen or installing a custom stair runner, we’ve got everything under one roof to complete your project start to finish, including:

  • Kitchen & Bath Remodeling
  • Carpet, Wood and Vinyl Flooring
  • Custom Stair Runners and Rugs
  • Tile, Backsplash and Countertops
  • Dust-free Refinishing, and
  • Carpet, Rug and Upholstery Cleaning.

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