Everything You Need to Know About Professional Rug Cleaning​

Take a closer look at your living room rug, does it need to be cleaned? Like many people, you probably can’t remember the last time your rug was cleaned. The right area rug can make a room look amazing, but it can also make a room look shabby if it’s dirty or stained.

Rugs typically take a lot of abuse from foot traffic, spills or pet accidents. That’s why it is so important to clean your area rugs. Cleaning your area rugs once a year will not only extend the life of your rugs, but also will leave your rugs looking cleaner, smelling fresher and feeling softer underfoot.

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At Kashian Bros, it takes several steps for a rug to be professionally cleaned by hand in our state-of-the-art Evanston Warehouse. Before we get started, we always inspect each rug for damage and to determine the proper cleaning method and necessary repairs.

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These repairs include attaching new fringe, repairing or replacing the binding, or repairing any holes. In addition to proper cleaning, repairing a rug ensures that it will continue to last a lifetime.

Deep Cleaning Area Rugs

Be wary of professional cleaners who steam or dry clean area rugs. Neither of these methods will get your rug as clean as our proprietary, deep-cleaning method.

First of all, it’s important to understand the difference between steam cleaning and deep cleaning area rugs. Steam cleaning is a method that works well with wall-to-wall carpeting, because carpet is not woven as tightly as most area rugs. 

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Area rugs, such as this wool Oriental rug pictured above, are tightly woven rugs that require deep cleaning with soap and water to completely remove all of the dirt.

So How Does Kashian Bros Deep Clean Area Rugs?

First we loosen and remove dirt and soil that is embedded in the rug using a machine that essentially beats the dirt out of the rug using sonic vibrations. Customers are always amazed when they see two cups of sediment removed using this method!

rug cleaning 4

After the sediment is removed, the rugs are thoroughly soaked in water. If a rug has pet odors, it is also soaked in enzymes to break down and completely remove any odor. After soaking, each rug is scrubbed using an environmentally friendly, low PH shampoo. At Kashian Bros we are thorough! The rug is cleaned on both sides and the fringe is cleaned by hand.

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rug cleaning 6

Next, the rug is completely rinsed with water to remove any soapy residue. We’ve invested in a highly technical machine called a “centrifuge” that rinses the rug a second time to remove any remaining soapy residue. When the rug comes out of the centrifuge it is 95% dry and barely feels damp when touched.

Finally, the rugs are ready to be placed in a drying room where heat, air movers and dehumidifiers help the rug dry quickly. This quick drying method ensures that the dyes will not run and the fringe will dry quickly.

rug cleaning 7

Quick drying is very important. Simply air drying is much slower and can cause dyes to run. That why some of our competitors will use bleach or other chemicals to brighten the fringe. By utilizing our speedy drying process, we never use harsh chemicals!

So How Does Kashian Bros Deep Clean Area Rugs?

Now that we’ve reviewed the how and why of rug cleaning, let’s go over what you can do on a weekly basis at home to maintain your rugs for life. 

Make sure to vacuum your rug on a regular basis to remove all loose soil. A thorough vacuuming once a week should do the job. Don’t forget to lift the corners of your rug and remove dirt that collects underneath!

If you discover a stain, stop by Kashian Bros and pick up a bottle of our proprietary stain remover. We make our own spot remover in small batches, by hand, so that our customers have a spot remover that addresses stains, without damaging the rug.

With a little bit of attention, and annual rug cleaning, your rugs will last a lifetime.

Love Your Floors and Home for life.

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