Everything You Need to Know About Dust-Free Refinishing

Nothing transforms a room like refinishing the wood floor under your feet. Hardwood floors last for decades, but require maintenance and proper care to maintain a timeless look.

Here at Kashian Bros we’ve learned over the years that many of our customers are afraid of refinishing wood floors, even when they realize that it will make their home look like new. The dust, the mess, the potential for a family member to suffer from allergies, or simply the inconvenience. 

Customers are worried that they’ll have to move out, or that toxic fumes will make their children sick. All these factors often deter customers from taking that step.

But as pioneers in dust-free refinishing we’re here to tell you that it’s never been easier or safer to refinish your floors. Our state-of-the-art equipment removes the dust while our expert team refinishes your floors, resulting in gorgeous floors that bring out the beauty of the wood. And we always use a toxic-free, water-based finish. You’ll have no mess or fumes to worry about!


Hold on, is this process really Dust-free?

Yes! Our Dust Containment System is virtually dust-free. Where sanders typically release dust into the area that must be cleaned up later and removed, our powerful Dust Containment System pulls all of the dust out of your home as we work. The dust is captured before it is ever airborne inside your home.

While our expert team refinishes your floors, your home will remain clean and 95% dust-free. That’s because the dust is captured as your floors are sanded by our expert team.

children in children standing on dust-free refinished hardwood flooring

Dust-free Refinishing Couldn’t be Easier

This dust-free process takes the hassle out of the whole process, making it cleaner, faster and safer for everyone involved. You and your children don’t need to move out of your home while we’re refinishing your floors. Plus there is no time-consuming clean-up process or annoying dust resettling.

The majority of our customers remain at home during the entire process. Because of the dust-free system, there is no choking dust and our water-based polyurethane finish has no toxic fumes.


A Higher Quality Finish

With our Dust Containment System, your hardwood floors will look more beautiful than ever. Unlike traditional refinishing, with our dust-free system there’s a reduced risk of tiny dust particles getting trapped in the finishing process, since dust particles are never loose in your home. The end result is gleaming hardwood floors that bring out the natural beauty of the wood. 

Plus our team of local experts will help you find the perfect custom stain that matches your style, whether it is a customized DuraSeal® or Rubio Monocoat® stain. Bring in a sample color— a photo, pillow, magazine ad, anything that inspired you — and we can match the color you want. It’s just that easy to fully customize your stain at Kashian Bros.

girl dancing on dust-free refinished hardwood floors

Our Local Experts are Here to Help

Remember, not only is our team trained to professionally refinish your floors, they are also here as your local experts to guide you through the entire process and to answer any question that comes up. We’re here to help love your floors for life.

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