Dry Wall Secrets and Solutions From Kashian Bros Handyman: How to Successful Dry Wall Repair in North Shore Chicago Homes

Effective Handyman Dry Wall Repair and Installation in North Shore Chicago

Ready to find out some great dry wall secrets and solutions? Drywall, used in many North Shore Chicago homes, is durable and efficient, but is prone to various types of damage over time, from minor dings and dents to more significant issues like water damage or large holes. Fortunately, Kashian Bros drywall repair handyman can address all these problems quickly and effectively, restoring the pristine look of your home’s interiors.  

Common Drywall Issues in North Shore Chicago Homes

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Minor Dents and Dings

Everyday life can leave its mark on your walls, whether from moving furniture, door handles bumping into walls, or children’s games gone awry. Small dents and dings, while not structurally significant, can detract from the smooth, clean appearance of your rooms.

Our Kashian Bros handyman typically uses a simple yet effective patching process. This involves filling the dent with joint compound, smoothing it over, and then sanding it once dry to create a perfectly smooth surface that’s ready for painting.

Stress Cracks

Homes settle over time. This settling process may lead to stress cracks in the drywall, typically found at the corners of doors and windows or where walls meet ceilings. These cracks are not only unsightly but can also suggest underlying structural shifts that need to be monitored.

A Kashian Bros handyman will evaluate the extent of the stress cracks then likely widen the crack slightly to clean out loose material and fill it with a flexible joint compound that can tolerate minor movements. Once the compound dries, it is sanded smooth and repainted to match the surrounding area seamlessly.

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Water Damage

Whether from a leaking roof, plumbing issues, or flooding, water damage to drywall can be a serious concern. Water-soaked drywall will often sag or bulge, leaving stains, and if not treated properly, can lead to mold and mildew problems, which pose health risks and can exacerbate the damage.

For water-damaged drywall, the first step is always to address the source of the moisture. Once this is resolved, our handyman will cut out the damaged section of drywall and replace it with new material. This might involve installing new studs or supports, patching with new drywall, taping, applying joint compound, and finally, sanding and painting to match the existing wall.

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Large Holes

Larger holes in drywall, whether from accidents or intentional actions (like removing fixtures), require more than just cosmetic repairs. These holes need to be patched and refinished to restore the structural integrity and aesthetic of the wall.

Large holes require a patch with new drywall. Our handyman typically cuts a piece of drywall to fit the hole precisely, secures it with drywall screws to the surrounding studs, and then tapes around the edges with drywall tape. Multiple layers of joint compound are applied, with each layer being allowed to dry and sanded before the next is applied. The final step is a thorough sanding and painting to ensure the patch is indistinguishable from the rest of the wall.

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Why Choose a Kashian Bros Handyman for Drywall Repair?

Expertise and Efficiency: Our skilled handyman brings the necessary skills and experience to perform drywall repairs efficiently, ensuring that the finished job is both durable and aesthetically pleasing. He knows exactly how to blend repair sites with the surrounding areas, matching textures and paint for a flawless finish.

Transparent Pricing: We maintain complete transparency with our pricing. We charge a fixed rate per hour for short projects and offer written estimates for longer projects, so you know up front what to expect. Estimates are free and we never charge “trip charges” for customers located in our local service areas.

Reliability: Our handyman is on staff and has worked with us for many years. When you hire him, you are hiring Kashian Bros, a company trusted by North Shore residents for over 100 years. We show up when we are scheduled. And, if you’re schedule changes, then we work with you to accommodate the change.

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For homeowners in North Shore Chicago, maintaining the beauty and integrity of drywall is a key to preserving the overall look and feel of your home. Whether dealing with minor wear and tear or more significant damage, a Kashian Bros drywall repair handyman will provide effective and seamless fixes, ensuring your home looks its best.

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